Metrico patch incoming!

Metrico patch incoming!

The Metrico patch is out.

We’ve been able to fix the bugs that you have so kindly reported to us through Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Most important fixes vastly improve Metrico’s performance.


The complete fixlist:

  • Overall performance has improved
  • Feedback in World 6 should be much better now
  • Music is now more considerate towards players who are stuck
  • Some rare crashes resolved and a few other small fixes

The patch will be downloaded automatically when you’re signed into PSN.

  • audiopile
    Posted at 05:35h, 31 March Reply

    Thanks for the patch! I played through level 6 several times and the patch fixed the stage that was frozen however I was not able to get the trophy because I had to use the triangle every time. It’s tricky…. One of the times I played through I found a similar issue on the same stage that had the freeze problem and this time I was not able to get enemies to spawn when pressing “O” so it looks like there is still a problem. Previous to the patch this would happen if on the prior level you forced an enemy off the map where the player would enter that stage. That problem was obviously not addressed in V1.01. 🙁 That level is hard enough without these extra challenges. I don’t expect we will see a fix for this but I wanted to share with you just in case.

    • Digital Dreams
      Posted at 11:16h, 31 March Reply

      Glad to hear it fixed something for you. The bug where enemies don’t spawn seemed fixed when we tested 1.01 (and play on our own Vita’s now), but unfortunately, not for everyone. It turned out to be problem with the engine we’re using. Now that Unity 5.0 is out, we hope this problem might not persist anymore, but we can’t work on Metrico right now. We’re also afraid that it would blow up the game with another 600ish mb, due to all the changes in Unity. So right now, we don’t have a patch to announce. Terribly sorry about the trophy but thank you very much for sharing!

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