Metrico+ Beta

Welcome to the Metrico+ Beta! You’ve found your way here which means you probably received a Metrico+ Steam key from us recently.

If you think you found a bug, hate/love something about the game in particular or have any other form of feedback please use the ingame feedback system by pressing ENTER or email us to:

With as much information possible. Please don’t share videos or screenshots. The game is not finished and does not represent the final quality of the product yet. Once something is on the internet, it’s very hard to get rid of it and we don’t want to give people the wrong impression.

Thank you for helping us test the game and enjoy!

By pressing ENTER during the game, a feedback dialog screen will appear and a screenshot will be made of your current state. Use this and the text field to tell us what’s wrong, broken or could be better. When you are done, click send to send it over to us. You can always cancel and continue playing by clicking cancel.

For this beta we are focusing on the quality and difficulty of the game and its puzzles. If you encouter any visiual glitches or technical bugs we would still love to hear, but we know there’s still a lot of work to be done in that area. For now we are mainly checking to see which puzzles are too difficult or easy by measuring the average time it takes to complete them?

If the game doesn’t work (anymore) that might have several reasons. In order for us to receive data from your play sessions we need you to be online, put in a valid wristband Beta number at the start of the game and be connected to steam while playing. Even though these things will not be necessary in the final game, if you’re not online in this Beta the game won’t work.

Another reason is that the current Beta round may have already ended. This Beta is playable until May 2nd.

A third reason could be that the game somehow leaked and we’ve established that you’re playing a pirated version 🙁

This round of Beta testing is available until May 2nd after which the game will not work anymore.

Yes! We promised you this, and as a thank you for helping us test the game you WILL receive the whole game once it’s released in the second quarter of 2016.

In order to receive the most valuable, honest and relevant feedback we’re only testing with new players that haven’t played the entire game yet. One of the things we’re keeping track of while you’re playing is the time it takes to complete a puzzle. If you’ve already completed a certain puzzle before you’re likely to be much faster the second time around, which would compromise our test results. Therefore once you’ve completed the beta we prefer to test with new players, but you can still play the game once its released obviously.

This is mainly to keep track of who is playing and so we know who and with which particular build certain bugs occur that are being sent over through the in game feedback system (Press Enter). It’s also useful for DRM (Digital Rights Management) purposes.

Please contact us via facebook (MetricoGame), Twitter (@MetricoGame) or email ( with your name and place where you received your wristband.

Well, maybe. We have a super-experimental build for Linus and Steam-OS at the moment. At this stage Metrico+ is primarily developed for Windows and Mac OS X machines. Developing for 5 platforms simultaneously (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, Linux) at once is a troublesome task. For this beta we are focusing on the quality and difficulty of the game. This is most important for us to get right early on before we begin to tackle the technical difficulties that come with cross platform development.