At Digital Dreams, we want to produce games that are beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, but more importantly; we want to have fun while doing so. Digital Dreams is a development studio that feels warm and inviting, a place where talented people come together to challenge one another in a constructive way, support one another emotionally, and put their egos aside in service of making the game great.


What goes for working at Digital Dreams from day to day in each position:
– Concept magical worlds with style and character
– Collaborate with other disciplines to create focused tasks
– Every member of the team is involved in the game’s design

Requirements for each position:
– Be yourself
– Willing to make mistakes and throw out what isn’t working
– Self-directed and accountable for their own work
– Prioritizes communication and collaboration above individual accomplishments

We are always looking for talent that fits in our team. Even if you do not meet every required attribute, don’t hesitate to send in an application anyway!

We are looking for talent to expand the core of the development team of Digital Dreams. We value a nice working environment. In brainstorming there is no hierarchical structure, so every member of the team has a saying in design the final game.

All openings are also available as internships. All internships include a lot of personal guidance.

If you are interested in one the openings below, or want to apply for anything else, feel free to contact us. Please check this link for the full qualifications list needed for applying at Digital Dreams.

Current Openings:

We currently don’t have any job openings.