We’re looking for talent to add to our team. If you, or someone you know, is looking for an internship and is interested in working on a big experimental entertainment game, then let them know that we have internships available.
We’re not only on the lookout for game development talent, but also interested in working with talent coming from thought schools, such as illustration or architecture. Feel free to send us an application!

We have internship positions open starting in September for a 3d character artist, a level designer, character animator and a technical artist / shader programmer. We’re also looking for a fulltime gameplay programmer to join our team.

To read more about the internships or open position, please check out our jobs page by clicking the button below:

If you’re interested in any of the positions, please send your application to

We look forward to hearing from you!

We are proud to announce that we received funding from the “Creative Europe” program for our new game project. The grant program from the EU based the decision on our submitted project, and our studio track record, and awarded us with the full amount of €150,000. This comes on top of the €50,000 that we recently received from the Dutch “Gamefonds” fund.

We are extremely excited to continue development on our next (rather ambitious) title.  Together with the revenue from Metrico+, this will complete the budget to work on our new experimental game project for the coming years.

As soon as we are ready to share more information on the project, we’ll make sure that you’ll find out about it!

Metrico are go!

It’s done.. It has actually happened. We worked 1,5 year on Metrico and now it can be played by everybody. There’s a wide variety of reviews and opinions, something we’ve experienced over the past year and is getting amplified right now. We’d love to hear yours when you played the Metrico. Do reach out through Facebook or Twitter and tell us about your experience!

Metrico’s Release Trailer and PlayStation blogpost

We made a new trailer, just for this occasion. The trailer and more details on Metrico’s trophies, the PS+ deal & more is what you’ll find by checking out this new PlayStation Blog post!

After working for more than 1,5 year we, from Digital Dreams are very proud we finished our first console game. It’s the closing of an era for us. Thanks for reading and

enjoy exploring Metrico!

We are very glad to finally have Metrico at a point where we can start to show it to you! And so Digital Dreams is going on tour with this first playable. Metrico is currently in a Pre-Alpha stage, but it already reflects what the game is about, and we’d love to get your feedback while we keep working on it.

A new blog post on the official Playstation blog


Also, a blog post including new concept art has just gone live on the official Playstation blog. Roy tells a bit about the gameplay mechanics and it also shows concept art. You can check it out over HERE.

Gamescom & PAX Prime

From the 21st till the 25th of August we will be showing Metrico at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Metrico at both Sony’s booth as well as at the Indigo Showcase in the business area. From the 30th of August till the 2nd of September we will be at PAX Prime, Seattle, WA. If you happen to be at either event make sure to look us up and give Metrico a try!

We’ve been thinking about changing the visual identity for Digital Dreams for quite some time now… and here it is! You probably saw the new logo already in the header.

We decided to go for something a little stronger. The new logo is like a small story, and we think it’s a good link to what we try to do as a company and gives a good link with the name. As of now, you’ll be finding the new logo  everywhere in our media.

We hope you like it!