About Us

We understand you want to know more. Digital Dreams is a Dutch game development studio which designs and develops playful experiences. Founded by 3 super mysterious real human beings:


Thijmen Bink

CEO & Tech Director

Thijmen is responsible for the technical aspects of game development as well as day-to-day business. Studied Game & Media Technology at the Utrecht University, and applies this academic background with his creative drive and perseverance to make games that he hasn’t seen before.


Roy van de Mortel

Level Designer

Roy uses his creative and practical background with a hands-on approach as the lead level designer at Digital Dreams. Prior to Co-Founding Digital Dreams he studied Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts where he specialised himself in creating playful and challenging manifestations of game design that enhance the experience.


Geert Nellen

Lead Designer & Creative Director

Studied Game Design & Development at the Utrecht School of Arts. Geert focuses on design and narrative design, and works as creative director and artist. He creates the high level direction for Digital Dreams projects, but also created the art for Metrico. He is interested in the true potential of games and interactivity as an art form, and draws inspiration for his designs from other media and arts like independent film and architecture.

We like to experiment and do something we haven’t seen before, in every game we make. We try to reach the hard core as well as the casual game market by creating easier and less time consuming games, which possess powerful and emotionally rich interactive experiences none the less.

We believe games play a big role in our future for storytelling through meaningful interaction, and we look forward to sharing these dreams with you.