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  • Metrico patch incoming!

    Oct 28, 14 • Digital Dreams • Games, MetricoNo CommentsRead More »

    metrico_vita_store_icon_2The patch is ready!

    We’ve been able to fix the bugs that you have so kindly reported to us through Twitter, Facebook and the like! No doubt the most important thing is Metrico’s performance, which made playing difficult for some of you. What the patch brings you:

    • - Overall performance has improved
    • - Feedback in World 6 should be much better now
    • - Music is now more considerate towards players who are stuck
    • - Some rare crashes resolved and a few other small fixes

    When is it out?

    For everyone with a US or Asian PSN account, we’ll have the patch available for you the 4th of November. For those with a European account (like us!), we’re still waiting on Sony’s approval process, but after that we’ll have it out asap!

    Thanks again to everyone who reported these bugs and to those who are sharing their experience with us!


    For everyone with a EU PSN account, the patch will be available as of the 3rd of December!

  • Metrico is now out on PS Vita in the US and Europe! Also, Release Trailer!

    Aug 6, 14 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, Company, Games, MetricoNo CommentsRead More »

    metrico_vita_store_icon_2Metrico are go!

    It’s done.. It has actually happened. We worked 2 years on Metrico and now it can be played by everybody. There’s a wide variety of reviews and opinions, something we’ve experienced over the past year and is getting amplified right now. We’d love to hear yours when you played the Metrico. Do reach out through Facebook or Twitter and tell us about your experience!

    Metrico’s Release Trailer and PlayStation blogpost

    We made a new trailer, just for this occasion. The trailer and more details on Metrico’s trophies, the PS+ deal & more is what you’ll find by checking out this new PlayStation Blog post!

    After working for more than 1,5 year we, from Digital Dreams are very proud we finished our first console game. It’s the closing of an era for us. Thanks for reading and 

    enjoy exploring Metrico!

  • You can play Metrico right now!

    Jun 24, 14 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, MetricoNo CommentsRead More »

    .. if you happen to be near our office this week that is..


    Chances are that you’ve seen us go in overdrive as of late, and it so happens that all this hard work has improved the game greatly. At least.. that’s we what hope, and that’s where you come in. Literally!



    This entire week you can come in at any time, while we’re here (which is pretty much always), pick up one of our PS Vita’s and play. It will more useful to us the longer you play, but every bit of feedback will help. We expect you to play at least 30 minutes though, up to several hours when you are up for it.

    Don’t know where exactly in Utrecht to find us? Then best send a mail and he’ll help you out!

  • Metrico on tour: Fantastic Arcade, Indigo & IndieCade are up next!

    Sep 16, 13 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, Event, MetricoNo CommentsRead More »

    metrico_vita_store_icon_2After the response and feedback from Gamescom and PAX, we are ready to show Metrico at more events! We are still in a Pre-Alpha stage, so don’t consider that which you will see to be final, but it should be a good introduction to the game.


    Fantastic Arcade

    In Austin, Texas from September 19-22 you will be able to find the game at Sony’s booth. While there is a great line-up including Wasteland Kings, Towerfall, Kentucky Route Zero and The Stanley Parable, please take some time to play Metrico, if you haven’t already.


    On September the 28th Metrico will be playable in our own hometown, Utrecht, for the first time here in the Netherlands. Come see us and other notable games from Dutch developers and students.


    In LA, California Metrico will be once more at Sony’s booth during IndieCade between 4-6 October. While there, we also recommend trying out Spin the bottle, Super Time Force and That Dragon, Cancer, assuming you have played most of the other, slightly older, games by then.

    UPDATE – Eurogamer Expo, Virgin Media Game Space

    A very last minute surprise! Metrico will also be playable at the Virgin Media Game Space during the Eurogamer Expo from September 26 to 29. Find us along Doom Piano, Lovers in a Dangerous Space and Lone Survivor.

    Please let us know what you thought through Facebook or Twitter! We welcome all your feedback.

  • Metrico playable for the first time at Gamescom & PAX and first concept art!

    Aug 19, 13 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, Company, Event, Media, Metrico, Update1 CommentRead More »

    metrico-logo_squareWe are very glad to finally have Metrico at a point where we can start to show it to you! And so Digital Dreams is going on tour with this first playable. Metrico is currently in a Pre-Alpha stage, but it already reflects what the game is about, and we’d love to get your feedback while we keep working on it.

    A new blog post on the official Playstation blog

    Also, a blog post including new concept art has just gone live on the official Playstation blog. Roy tells a bit about the gameplay mechanics and it also shows concept art. You can check it out over HERE.

    Gamescom & PAX Prime

    From the 21st till the 25th of August we will be showing Metrico at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Metrico at both Sony’s booth as well as at the Indigo Showcase in the business area. From the 30th of August till the 2nd of September we will be at PAX Prime, Seattle, WA. If you happen to be at either event make sure to look us up and give Metrico a try!

  • Our new game Metrico announced at GDC San Francisco!

    Mar 26, 13 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, Event, MetricoNo CommentsRead More »


    Yesterday evening, at a Sony press conference here at GDC San Francisco, we finally revealed our new game “Metrico” To the public.

    Together with the announcement we released a short teaser that will give you a slight idea as to what the game is like. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

    Metrico is currently being developed as a PS Vita exclusive. We are very proud and exited to be working together with Sony and their PubFund to make Metrico as awesome as it can be.

    Stay tuned for more info and let us know what you think.

  • New game “As the Village Turns” released

    May 3, 12 • Digital Dreams • Announcement, As the Village Turns, Media, UpdateNo CommentsRead More »

    As the Village Turns

    We have released a small game called “As the Village Turns”. Made in one and a half week, we hope you will enjoy this one.
    Expect a trailer soon. Hop on over to the As the Village Turns game page to play it!

    We’re planning to keep our site up to date a lot more from now on and also use our Twitter account to full extent. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook on the right!

  • Our game FYI has won the Best Design award at the Indiepub Independent Propeller Awards!

    Apr 18, 12 • Digital Dreams • Awards, FYI, Update3 CommentsRead More »

    We’re very proud that the early prototype version of FYI has won the indiePub Independent Propeller Awards in the category Best Design!

    View the other winners here. We want to congratulate all the other winners with their awesome games!


  • FYI nominated for ‘ Best Design’ by IndiePub and Solar Tycoon’s trailer released

    Apr 6, 12 • Digital Dreams • Awards, FYI, Media, Solar Tycoon, UpdateNo CommentsRead More »

    We have some more exciting news for you as our most dedicated Digital Dreams follower! This time it’s about FYI and Solar Tycoon.


    Our very own FYI is a finalist in the ‘Best Design’ category of IndiePub’s Independent Propellor Awards 2012! For more information about our fellows finalists and the competition, go to the IndiePub announcement. Remember you can find our trailer of the FYI game page . Stay tuned for more news, as the winner will be announced on the 18th of april!


    Solar Tycoon

    We made an online multiplayer management game for the faculty Geosciences of University Utrecht, which has been played by its students. The game taught them about sustainable entrepreneurship and competitive markets and put put their theoretical education to practice. It was well-received by the enthusiastic students and their teachers. Visit the Solar Tycoon game page to see the trailer and see the students playing our game!

  • Digital Dreams releases their first title “A Tale by Alex”!

    Oct 14, 11 • Thijmen • A Tale by Alex, Announcement, GamesNo CommentsRead More »

    As of today, A Tale by Alex is now playable at I’ll keep this short so you can spend more timing playing the game.